RENT - 2007
Rent Not To Be Missed

source - The West Australian

The cast is a strong one. Anthony Callea is perfect as the somewhat detached Mark, the observer with the camera who cannot help but be caught up in life. Tim Campbell brings a stubborn meloncholy to Roger, while Jaya Henderson makes it quite explicit that Mimi is as unbalanced psychologically as she is physically.... This is everything not just a musical, but an opera, should be. Don't miss it.

Rent Stars Deserve Long Lease
source - Subiaco Post

Anthony Callea is wholly believable in his Musical Theatre debut as filmaker Mark...director Chris Kabay successfully injects warmth, humor and heart into a tightly knit production.

WICKED - 2008

Callea is a fun and engaging Boq, and his scenes with Penny McNamee (Nessarose) are wonderfully entertaining - a duo well and truly connected
- AussieTheatre

Anthony Callea's munchkin outsider is brimful of pathos and energy
- The Australian

Anthony Callea is also strong as munchkin Boq
- Sunday Herald

Anthony Callea makes a commendable transition to musical theatre.
- Herald Sun

The casting is inspired, and director Lisa Leguillou has the actors working in perfect harmony....The Australian Idol factor come to the party: Mills is an appealing presence as the young romantic lead, while Callea seems born to play a munchkin.
-The Age

Anthony Callea and Rob Mills, who copped a lot of attention for their casting as Boq and Fiyero, were truly grand
- Troy Dodds - Aussie Theatre

No-one in the cast can be faulted. Australian Idol alumni Rob Mills and Anthony Callea work a treat
- Geelong Advertiser

Anthony Callea is winning as the munchkin Boq
- The Sunday Telegraph

Anthony Callea is gentle and winsome as the Munchkin Boq, who finally takes a stand after being walked over by his fellow students
- Australian Stage Online
Perhaps the biggest surprise comes from two former Australian Idolers Rob Mills, as male lead Fiyero, and Anthony Callea as a perfectly cast munchkin. Both hold their own with strong vocals - Callea particularly has a voice that seems perfect for musical theatre.
- New Zealand Herald

Rob Mills as the lover boy Fiyero and Scarecrow puts on a well measured performance as does Anthony Callea as Boq and the Tin Man.
- New Zealand Business Review

Anthony Callea is too cute for words as Boq the munchkin
- B News

The Australian cast is superlative - Apart from the stellar performances of Harrison and Durack, there is a very strong supporting cast of uniform excellence - Anthony Callea exploits both voice and stature as the passionate Munchkin Boq.
- Blaze

Australian Idol favourites Anthony Callea and Rob Mills surprise in their roles as Boq and Fiyero respectively. It's a shame Anthony doesn't get his own song, as his performance is extremely well projected and note perfect
- Gen Q

Some of the best moments come from former Australian Idol contestant Anthony Callea as a munchkin.

as the munchkin Boq in Wicked, Callea is impressive.
- Andrew Murpett - The Age

Herald Sun
 the cameos from various stars including Bert Newton, Val Lehman, Todd McKenney and Anthony Callea are fabulous fun.

Courier Mail
The stunt casting of Bert Newton, Val Lehman, Todd McKenney and Anthony Callea is the best kind in Grease, each of them get their moment in the sun but don't steal the limelight for too long. Although Callea's Johnny Casino very nearly does steals the show.

Arts Hub
The trend of moonlighting celebrities in Australian musicals continues, with Bert Newton playing Vince Fontaine like the true entertainer he is and Anthony Callea’s ‘Born to Hand Jive’ as Johnny Casino a high energy addition.

Stage Whispers
Casting the cameo roles with personalities has become a Grease tradition. Pint-sized Anthony Callea (Johnny Casino) sang the heart out of “Born to Hand Jive,”
the energy of Bert Newton, Todd McKenny and Anthony Callea, made the second half much more fun

Sydney Morning Herald
The second act gives up most of the pretence of a story or character development (or schoolwork) in favour of big dance numbers. Anthony Callea puts a modern pop spin on Born to Hand Jive, his only number as Johnny Casino, and a bedazzled Todd McKenney literally sparkles as Teen Angel.
Aussies love celebrity and they populate this show in great numbers. Anthony Callea sets the stage on fire and delivers an outstanding performance.

The Australian
Sporting a distinctively modern haircut, Anthony Callea is in the pocket for Born to Hand Jive, which features fun rockabilly lifts and the high-kicking Cha Cha (Andrea Arena)
Bert Newton as Vince Fontaine, Val Lehman as Miss Lynch, Anthony Callea as Johnny Casino and Todd McKenney as Teen Angel have all been cast for star power and they all shine as brightly as you’d expect. Aussie Theatre
Included in the star-studded line-up was Australian Idol runner-up Anthony Callea as Johnny Casino, performing the song ‘Hand Jive’ at the Rydell High dance off. Callea is a natural entertainer and a delight to watch.