The long wait is over, and Anthony Callea now has his self-titled debut album out in NZ.

At just 22 years of age Callea has made his mark in Australia and now its time for us to get our second taste of his talent since his Australian Idol journey.....
And now to the important stuff, how does this album rate?
The 12 track album begins with a crowd favourite, 'The Prayer'. This song made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, very stirring! and it wasn't the only track to have that affect on me - Per Sempre (For Always) is sung in a similar style. When I Get There was inspirational (I love inspiring lyrics) and Bridge Over Troubled Water was a brilliant tribute to Simon and Garfunkel. These songs also truly show Callea's vocal range, and as the album continues to play you get a sense of this guy's incredible talent for singing.

Rain has a popsy sound to it that suits Callea's boy-band look, and to be honest I found myself singing along without even realising it - tre' catchy! Hurts So Bad, automatically made me think of Ricky Martin.

Halfway through the album, things get a lot more mellow with love-filled ballads and further popsy notes. I get the sense that you could happily play this on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Callea has a rare talent, a beautiful voice that reaches people across generations. To top it off he is a beautiful man (as a good friend likes to say). If you'd like to check out photos visit:

Smash Hits Oct 2005
Anthony Callea may have been discovered by idol,but his debut self-titled album stands on it's ownagainst pop albums everywhere. The album has a mixture of of power ballads and breezy dance tracks.

It includes 'Rain', 'Hurts So Bad' and, of course 'The Prayer'-the song that placed him firmly in the hearts of tweens, teens,& grandmothers from all over Australia!

Anthony's voice, musical talent and good looks made him destined for only one thing- pop stardom.Even with the winner of of the third series of Australian Idol on their way, we have no doubt that Anthony Callea will stay just as popular as he is now!


HiT Review: Herald Sun

Anthony Callea played the Idol game with his double platinum debut album, singing other people's songs and singing them damn well.
In Idolworld, that earns him the right to co-write his second album with the best hitmakers his record company's money can buy.
The result, A New Chapter is an album of two halves - ballads and pop. Indeed, it was going to be a double album until someone surely pointed out he's not Christina Aguilera. Callea has the voice to carry off big - and we're talking industrial strength - ballads.For emotion, the dramatic title track wipes the floor with bland lead single Live For Love, a bizarre choice considering it's the only track Callea didn't have a hand in writing.The title track's production is immense and the orchestration stirring, Callea lifting up a notch or 12 as the strings soar towards the heavens. Anyone looking for a surrogate The Prayer should look no further.
Callea occupies an unusual place in the local pop world, selling to housewives and their daughters. That dual appeal explains the album's other side - mid-tempo guitar pop. Perfect Mistake is pop with more edge than he's displayed in the past. Producer Tom Nichols (Kylie, Stephanie McIntosh) throws everything at the song - strings, guitars, huge key changes - to create a lush mini-epic.

Stranded, too, sounds like a hit in waiting. The guitars are pumped up; it's hardly Metallica but instantly updates his sound.

Addicted to You and Almost start off interestingly before their choruses veer too close to John Farnham soft-rock territory, the slick production removing any rough edges. At 15 tracks it's also too long. There's too many similar tempo guitar/pop songs and ballads that start to lessen each other's impact.Callea has learnt to hold back on the vocal acrobatics, so a simple orchestrated ballad like Here I Go Again doesn't get swamped, while Heartbeat is still your obligatory power ballad, but with a refreshing subtlety.At the end of the day, A New Chapter is a solid second album. Once he starts taking a few more risks, Callea will really come into his own.

In a word: personal

Daily Telegraph

Callea appears to have beaten the second album curse with the follow-up to his post Idol debut. He knows exactly what kind of song will allow him to show off those powerful pipes and the opening track Live For Love, nails it.
But he has refused to rest on his big ballads stretching his repertoire into Rob Thomas style soft Rockers (Addicted To You & If Only).
Equally impressive are Chong Lims orchestral arrangements and the Overall production which demonstrates WORLD-CLASS albums can indeed be made in Oz.

Pop Republic

Whilst the rest of the world are thinking that Anthony's second album is track after track of power ballads, his die hard fans, and those of us lucky enough to cotton on quick enough are finding out that this is a stellar offering that will not only satisfy the 'balladeers' but also we picky pop rock punters, who only like quality in our music. Track after track on this album, Callea proves that he can certainly write a tune, some strong enough to take on the likes of Ben Moody (ex-Evanescence) and the big hit makers of Sweden like Max Martin.

This is definitely not puerile sugar-coated-pop, its soulful, well structured proper pop music that will appeal to a large market that like great lyrics, smooth vocals and style. A new chapter seems to be the best thing for Anthony… my advice, is go out and give it a listen… Stand out tracks include 'Addicted To You', 'Perfect Mistake' and 'Stranded'.

4/5 POPpoints

Smash Hits online

The Story: The newbie from the ex-Idol is still on the orchestral path, but if that's what you love about him you'll have no dramas taking to it. The amazing voice that is Anthony Callea is still visible, as are the violins in the background of the sweet love tunes and the formula typical of Anthony songs (starting out soft, building up to a mega climax). But we're surprised to hear a few tracks that sound remarkably like fellow romantic Nick Lachey (keep your ears on alert during 'Perfect Mistake'). A cool mix of orchestral ballads and guitar-fuelled ones too


 Sun Herald - 5/5/13

You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but Anthony Callea's latest pop album is as pretty as his boyish face....his original tracks are  well crafted and emotional.  A moving and powerfully vocal album.


TV Week July 2 2005

Anthony has cornered the market on smooth, soulful songs and croony tunes. This is sure to set hearts aflutter and send fans into a frenzy.

The verdict : Swoony Crooner


Desiree Savage -Perth Sunday Times

If you loved the Prayer, you will totally love this. He's the little guy with the big voice that is wooing women (and men) everywhere. He may have a new harder-edged hairdo, but it certainly hasn't affected his voice, or his style. I love the fact that we know this guy can sing - and this song really accentuates his velvet-like tones. I don't know if it's the orchestral backing, the voice or the spunky new look, but Anthony is proving more attractive with each release. So hot right now!

Kathy McCabe - Daily Telegraph
"OK,OK, we know the power ballad is back but it would have been great to hear Callea step away from the trademark sound that launched his career. But he does it all so well, backed by a sublime orchestra. Celine Dion, eat your heart out."


After catching up with Anth recently for good old natter about the new album, I can understand why this was chosen as the lead single from his album a safe yet really enjoyable track that will satisy his existing fan base. Live For Love is a tried and tested beauty for any fan of The Prayer or killer vocal ballads but it takes a side step from the obvious love song, you would normally associate with this style of music and really connects with us listeners who don't want to get too soppy! There is no disputing Anth's vocal abilities, but in my opinion, for a real surprise, check out his new album and the tracks 'Addicted To You' and "If Only' if you want to see the awesomeness of this pint sized powerhouse!


From the little dude with the big voice. I'm totally loving this song. Poppy beats with deep guitar and a catchy chorus keeps this groovy little tune in your head for ages

Sydney Morning Herald

Callea heads into Nollsy's Modern Rock Territory with this Big Song which might even win him some Rob Thomas fans - reviewer Kathy McCabe


Star Observer
Anthony Callea returns to music this month with an infectious new club track.
On first listen, Oh Oh Oh Oh sounds like a pretty standard pop song circa 2011 — autotune and all.
Listen closely, though, and you’ll notice a few individual quirks to the track. Firstly, the sweeping disco strings of the chorus, courtesy of producer (and Black Eyed Peas tour DJ) Poet.
Secondly, there are the lyrics — “You activate my soul, boy” among them — that acknowledge that the Callea of today is openly, happily gay, as opposed to the closeted pop star of his previous albums

Southern Star
Callea's new single is a dancefloor stormer co written and lproduced by DJ  Poet who is best known for his work with the Blackeyed Peas.

Anthony Callea has broken cover on his brand new tune 'Oh Oh Oh Oh'.
The single is the former Aussie Idol's first in four and a half years and the first since leaving long-time label Sony and going it alone as a solo artist.
Co-written and produced by DJ Poet (who's also worked with the Black Eyed Peas), the track is an up-tempo dance number that brings together dancefloor grooves with '70s-esque disco vibes to create something that will no doubt find a home on radio stations across the country.


Last To Go
Anthony Callea is back with a slamming new EP, and its a killer!

Last To Go
Juggling some Guetta-fied vocoder and dancefloor beats with a gorgeous, soaring, hands-in-the-air chorus it’s easily the best song the pocket rocket’s ever put his name to.


PopRepublic - Dec 2005

'The pint sized proficionado is back, and this time on DVD...the disc was recorded in Melbourne during Ant's recent round of Aussie touring, and if you missed out on seeing him live, then you HAVE to buy this DVD.

His show was really well executed and aside from the power ballads, Anthony really kicks it with the audience and is far less "plastic" than people would have you believe.

An awesome offering from a very talented bloke...check it out before your sister steals it from ya!

4/5 POP points'

TV WEEK - DEC 19 2005

This DVD is bound to silence many of Anthony's critics.
Filmed at his Palais gig in Melbourne this year, it showcases Anthony's extensive talent - and extensive fanbase - proving once and for all that this young entertainer in no flash in the pan. 4 STARS