SOLO TOUR - 2005

Stage Whispers - Performing Arts Magazine
July-August 2005 edition (Vol 14,
No 4, p56/57)
Music Update
Musical Notes with Peter Pinne

Anthony Callea

Anthony Callea is a dynamic, hot performer. Sexy is the wrong word as he doesn't flirt with the audience, but he has a Sophia-Loren-like timeless sensuality that gives him a connection to a diverse audience from teenage girls to seniors, straight guys with their girlfriends to gay men.

Though he's only been in the public eye for a year, the maturity he brings to his performance stems from having worked on developing his singing skills since he was three. Having to perform consistently week after week, on Australian Idol has only refined his stage presence.

What marks his music is the diversity of the materials and its consistency. While his songs
cover a variety of genres, they maintain the homogeneity necessary to pop success. The standout songs were a cover of Enrique Iglesias's Hero, naturally The Prayer, and the encore performance of Rain.

It's obvious that he's someone doing what they love and this brings a passion to the performance that grips you from the opening note to the final note of each song. If you've liked his recordings, then the chance to see him live is worth every penny.

His new single 'Hurts So Bad' is out July 3.

Due to overwhelming demand, Anthony Callea is set to embark on an extensive tour of Australia throughout July and August proudly presented by Video Hits and Network 10.
Anthony Callea's recent shows in Sydney and Melbourne sold out in a matter of days with many disappointed fans missing out on tickets. This time however Anthony has extended his tour, reaching from far north Queensland down south to Hobart and taking in Adelaide and many regional centres along the way.

Anthony's first two singles, 'The Prayer' and 'Rain/Bridge Over Troubled Water' and his debut album 'Anthony Callea' have all hit the #1 spot on the ARIA charts. Anthony's third single 'Hurts So Bad' hits radio this week, and if the response from audiences during his recent tour are anything to go by, Anthony has another huge hit single on his hands.

Supporting Anthony on tour is special guest Tina Cousins direct from the UK, currently enjoying national airplay with her new release 'Wonderful Life'.

Anthony Callea
Concert Review
By Graham Rushton
From Stage Whispers Magazine
Seagulls Club Stardust Room, Tweed Heads, NSW

The lights dimmed, the audience clapped, there were screams from teenagers, the music started, smoke gradually flowed across the stage, and then came the voice of Anthony Callea. The applause and screaming rose until at the right moment Anthony appeared through the smoke to the roar of a near capacity, diverse, audience ranging from 10 to 60 years.

Together with a five piece band, Drums, keyboard and guitars, Anthony literally belted out his first number dressed in black pants and a red/black and gold (which flashed in the lights)
T-shirt and continued into the next song. The band I understand was Tina Areana's band. Then he admitted he was getting over a cold so would sing next a song he usually saved for later in the program.

The song was his #1 best selling hit, 'The Prayer'. To see this song performed live for this reviewer was an amazing experience. I had watched Anthony sing it on Australian Idol and
listened to it on his CD but to actually see this young entertainer perform it live would have to be one of the most rewarding emotional experiences of my life. The passion that he gave to 'The Prayer' will long stay in my memory.

The stage setting for Anthony's performance consisted of several rostrum raise at different levels for the band, while overhead were strung seven extra large ballons. Throughout the concert these ballons were lit by ever changing colours of red, green, purple, yellow and white. The lighting and the sound levels were just perfect for the location at Seagulls Stardust Room.

As the evening continued Anthony went through a repertoire of around 15 songs including; 'Lost In Summer' and the recently released single, 'Hurts So Bad'.
Since Austalian Idol, Anthony has developed his singing skills and stage presence and brings to his performance an amazing maturity for his 22 years of age. He moved across the stage touching hands with the audience who at the time he had asked to step forward to the stage. Every young girls dream came true and I must say the dream of the gay guys who were also in the rush to the stage. Every bump and grind, slinky move across the stage proved what an entertainer this young man has become. He asked the audience "Let me hear you scream" and they did.

Anthony thanked the Austalian public for the support they had given him over the past seven or eight months. He has come a long way since performing in his younger years in Melbourne. As the concert moved on he sang the classic, 'Route 66' and ended the evening with the Paul Simon classic, 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'. Once again this brought the audience to fever pitch.

Guest Artist on the show the lovely Tina Cousins who came all the way from the UK to be Anthony's special guest. Tina got the audience going with songs like 'Master Mind' and 'Pretty Young Thing'. With words like "there's something in the breeze, you're a pretty young thing", she dedicated the song to Anthony and said she's seen him in his shorts and girl's it's good. She also sang her new hit song 'Wonderful Life'. In her 30 minute performance she warmed
the audience and got them ready for the national phenomenon that was to follow.

For his encore song Anthony chose his hit song 'Rain'. Again the younger members of the audience rushed the stage as he reached out and touched their hands and for those of us sitting listening he reached out and touched out hearts. One avid admirer had produced a large star with lights around it, obviously denoting what Anthony is - a star.

If you don't catch Anthony on his current national tour I recommend you go see him when he appears anywhere near you in the future. He was on stage for a full 1 hour and 20 minutes of
non-stop singing. You can see him on the television or listen to his CDs but to actually see this dynamic performer live is an experience you will not forget. Go for it Anthony, the world is yours.

In closing I would like to say, as a mature person I would like to see him perform some of the great songs from Broadway. I am sure this young man would have another best selling CD on his hands if he looked at something like this.

Sugarfoot lays down for Anthony
Inpress Magazine

Miffed at having been OS when he last played his home town I was champing at the bit to get my watch on at Anthony Callea's gig at the Palais on Satdee night. A long dinner meant I missed the Eurodance stylings of Tina Cousins who by all accounts (well one person I spoke to) was rather good.

Twas a novel experience to sit up on the top deck, having previously scammed freebies down nearer the stage and initially I was worried we mightn't be able to see the diminutive Anth. Such fears were swiftly allayed as we were afforded a good as you get at Medallion Club at the Cougar Dome, but with the added bonus of being next to real-life celebs (okay, so it was just Ricki Lee with mark Holden behind us) Oh yeh, and the seats, while old were bloody comfortable.

The lights dimmed, the squealing reached Hansonesque levels and on to the stage our hero strutted to open with album track Take it to the Heart. Supported by a tight live band AC weaved his way around a few other album tunes and B-sides also turning his undisputed vocal excellence to some covers he wowed them with on Idol. His renditions of semi recent pop hits Bailamos and walking away put Enrique and Craig to shame, but were surpassed by his surprising cover of the old classic Route 66 which served to underline his versatility.

Current single Hurts so Bad went down a treat with the primarily pre teen plus parent crowd as they eagerly interacted with the engaging Melburnian

But we all knew the main reason we were there- to hear The prayer. Hataz may do their best to dismiss Anthony as pop fluff, but only a deaf mute could have a legitimate excuse for not praising his version. Having heard it butchered recently at a wedding and having listened to Bocelli- Dion cut, Anthony's is nothing short of phenomenal.

Having spied some hitherto music stands at the rear of the stage, the excitement started to build when the strings were brought out. He didn't disappoint. Closing my eyes, to the sniggers of the missus and some surrounding dockers, I experienced one of the best concert experiences of my life as Anthony's beautiful voice transported me past even the usual goosebumps I get at massive concert moments. Even the little bogan lad dragged along by his female relatives arose from his slumber to dribble at the brilliant display. Listening to this emotional performance is actually quite draining so it was a relief when he dropped the tempo following the big finish.

In addition to The prayer, I'd been stinging to see him perform his awesomely awesome rendition of one of my all time fave songsare Kelly's Ignition. Sadly this was to be the only lowlight. Countering my disappointment, though, was the soaring performance of that ancient favourite BOTW- I reckon there were a few people in the audience who would've gladly laid down their lives for Mr Callea at the end of that song.

The gig finished with the second single Rain, which Like Bon Jovi's It's My Life I hadn't loved before hearing it live. It's funny how songs can be made and other lessened when you hear them at a gig- judging by the standing ovation the crowd was giving, it's fair to say they thought he was pretty damn special. And he is!

While Casey may have gotten the sympathy vote from the Australian Public the real winner of the second series of Idol was clearly Anthony and, by extension, his legion of rabid fans. We can only hope that AI3 uncovers someone anywhere close to his talent- sadly with Kyle at the helm, we're likely to get someone as talented as Tamara Jaber.
Let there be a prayer that doesn't happen!

- Lauren Pratt

Anthony Callea's trademark song The Prayer has been played ad nauseam on radio but it still made a huge impact on the capacity crowd at Brother's League's Club on Friday night.
Tina Cousins opened the show with a surprisingly good live vocal and plenty of seductive moves, keeping the audience entertained. She performed some of the old favourites including Pray,
Mysterious Times, and her new hit Wonderful Life really got the audience in the mood to party.
But it was Callea's entrance that got the girls - and boys - screaming.
His band kicked in before Callea sauntered onto the stage and broke into song. He really is a sexy performer. With shirt half open and modern, spiky hair, every swivel of the hips resulted in screams from the audience.
But it wasn't just the expected teenage crowd of girls who were interested in the double act.
There were plenty of middle-aged women getting flustered over the young "Italian Stallion"...or maybe they were there just for the music.

And the music was good. Callea has a magnificent voice. It is rich, extremely powerful and controlled. He sang a few up-tempo songs that were perfect for dancing then slowed down for a number of ballads. But the jaw-dropping moment was when Callea sang The Prayer.
It is a song worth hearing performed live by Callea. He also threw in a few of his own catchy tunes but it was obvious he loves to sing a good ballad.

Callea and Cousins were not just two people who got on stage to sing then got off. They both
interacted and signed autographs after the show and chatted with members of the
audience who truly appreciated them.

photos Jen/GadgetGirl - with permission.

SOLO TOUR - 2007

Photo - VoiceOfReason

Getting intimate with an Idol
City Messenger 03 Sep 07

Singing powerhouse Anthony Callea sure got the fans dancing and singing when he performed at The Gov on Friday night (August 31).

Callea filled one and half hours with pitch perfect ballads and high energy rock numbers which got the audience moving.

Opening the gig with a couple of up beat, unreleased tunes from his current album, Callea warmed up his vocals then slowed down the pace with Live For Love.

Tracks from his first album were not forgotten either - Hurts So Bad (for which he brought a fan on stage to sing backing vocals) and Rain made an appearance.
And of course, there was The Prayer which received a deserving standing ovation.
And those hoping to get up close and personal with the former Idol finalist got their wish when Callea invited fans to the front of the stage.

Funky covers were thrown into the mix including James Morrison's Undiscovered and Diana Ross' Upside Down.

Callea's relaxed and fun loving nature combined with his professionalism and flawless voice made fans grateful he added Adelaide to his tour.

Natalie De Nadai